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Media Grabber
Enter website URL where you want to grab images
With this service, you can download any media files (Photo, Flash, Shockwave, QuickTime movie, Windows Media, Real Video/Audio, Midi, MP3) from any website. And you can send those image photos or flash movie as an eCard. Just follow the instruction below:
  • Visit the website with the image you want to copy
  • Copy the website address (URL)
  • Paste the URL to the TextBox above and click Submit button
  • For your convenience, we have created a software Ecard.exe. Download this file and install it to your windows system. It will add two icons to your IE Browser. The Multimedia Grabber icon allows you to easily capture media files with one click (No spyware, no popup banners). The Voice Recorder icon will launch Voice Recorder software which allows you to record your own voice and attaches it to the eCard.
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